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Face Mask Policy

In accordance with City of Cedar Rapids mandate, guests and staff of any CREventsLive venues, including the Alliant Energy PowerHouse, ImOn Ice, McGrath Amphitheatre and Paramount Theatre, are required to wear a face mask, or appropriate cloth face covering over their nose and mouth. Face masks must be worn at all times, unless actively eating or drinking, aligning with best practice guidelines from the CDC. Children under the age of 2 are exempt from the mask mandate.

Face coverings will be required across all venue touchpoints:
  • Entering/Security
  • Restrooms
  • Concession stands
  • All walk ways/common areas
  • While seated
  • Exiting
Customers with unique mask requirements should bring the appropriate face covering that best meets their needs. Customers with underlying conditions that explicitly prevent the wearing of a face covering or mask should reconsider attending any events at any CREventsLive venue for the duration of the mask/face covering requirement. As a private, ticketed event, there are no exceptions.

Children under the age two are exempt from the mask requirement.

This policy was last updated Tuesday, April 17, 2021. Policy is subject to change at any time to meet current health and safety guidelines.
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